Verdict for Fractures

KTLA reported the tragic story of Betsy Jentz who was abused and neglected while under the care and supervision of Country Villa Wilshire Healthcare Center. The Beverly Grove nursing home must pay more than $2.3 million to compensate for her permanent injuries.

Jentz has finished 27 Los Angeles Marathons, most recently in 2019. She had hip surgery in 2020 and admitted to Country Villa Wilshire Healthcare Center for her recovery. In total, the jury found Jentz’s rights were violated 132 times, resulting in a verdict of more than $2.34 million in medical expenses, pain and suffering, and damages.

“Instead of receiving the necessary care and support, Betsy experienced a harrowing ordeal, including at least ten falls that led to a fractured and dislocated shoulder and a fractured pelvis, causing her excruciating pain and permanent shoulder damage.”

–Lanzone Morgan LLP, the firm representing her in the lawsuit.

Further complicating Jentz’s stay were instances where “Betsy’s call light was out of reach and her phone was unplugged, severely delaying or even preventing timely assistance from staff,” a problem “underscored by … the facility’s understaffing issues,” the attorneys said.

“This verdict … sends a clear message that neglect and abuse will not be tolerated and that facilities, as well as their parent corporations, will be held accountable for their actions.”

–Elizabeth Kim, an associate at Lanzone Morgan.