The Oaks

State and local authorities are conducting an investigation into abuse at The Oaks at Chanticleer. The facility is part of the profitable chain. So far, the facility terminated the employment of three caregivers following an internal investigation. One for mistreatment. Two for failing to report the mistreatment.

The employee who revealed the mistreatment failed to immediately was also fired based on company policy. The media failed to report wha tthe allegations of mistreatment were or the injuries. Very suspicious.

Brittany Kinard is the Executive Director of the facility. She is responsible for the operation of the facility. She must hire, train, and supervise sufficient and qualified caregivers to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of vulnerable adults. She said:

“This is a terrible and difficult situation. We have no tolerance for the rough handling of residents and we offer our heartfelt and sincere apology to our residents and, to their families.”