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How to pick a Nursing Home for an Alzheimer’s Patient

Any family that’s been afflicted by having a member stricken by Alzheimer’s disease knows how immensely difficult and trying it can be. Many times it’s so hard because the person with Alzheimer’s disease is in perfect physical health. This makes the family so much more hesitant to put the relative in a nursing home because

Study critical of nursing home admissions paperwork

The Columbia Tribune of Missouri has an article about a new study that shows nursing home admission paperwork to be confusing and takes away a resident’s fundamanetal rights without explanation to the residents. Nursing home admission agreements are confusing, can run 10 pages or more with unfamiliar language, are often signed in moments of distress, and

Tips for Selecting A Nursing Home

Choosing a nursing home for a loved one is one of the most emotional and stressful decisions a family will ever face.  With so many nursing homes out there and all of the stories we have heard about under-staffing, sub-standard care and neglect, how does one make an informed decision?  I recently came across an article

Family learns valuable lesson about reading admission contract.

I saw this article written by a family member who failed to read the contract when admitting his mother to the nursing home.  When she was neglected and he wanted to remove her, the nursing home charged him extra money because the family did not provide one week’s notice!! Incredible.  Make sure you read every clause


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