South Carolina Condones Neglect

McKnight’s had an interesting article about increased staffing levels in multiple states. It’s about time. As a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney for over 25 years, I can assure you unsafe staffing causes abuse and neglect.

Fortunately, Kaiser Family Foundation’s analysis shows a dozen states changed their minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes.

Five of those (Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island) have permanently increased their minimum staffing requirements. Rhode Island adopted the largest increase. Nursing homes went to 4.1 hours per patient day. This is consistent with the CMS study that shows neglect and negative outcomes increase below 4.1. hours per patient day (HPPD).

The analysis also found that Arizona and Kentucky tried to permanently increase minimum staffing requirements but industry lobbyists and campaign contributions won the day.

Of course, “Florida man DeSantis” decreased minimum staffing requirements for certified nursing assistants from 2.5 hours per resident day to 2.

Meanwhile, at least two states (Oregon and South Carolina) have temporarily decreased their minimum staffing ratios to compensate for staffing shortages. South Carolina has decided to allow nursing homes to neglect and abuse residents.

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