Send in the Clowns

The Republican Party is in disarray.  Conservatives v. Clowns.

Politician Lauren Boebert

Boebert is an idiot bigot. Video recently surfaced of Boebert making racist comments again. She is in the news because of ignorant anti-Muslim comments. CNN unearthed another video of Boebert from September saying stupid stuff. This time she called a Muslim colleague a terrorist and part of a “jihad squad,” again claiming she was a suicide bomber. Ms. Boebert refused to apologize. Instead demanded that Ms. Omar publicly ask forgiveness for “anti-American” comments.

Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace is a conservative South Carolina congresswoman. She is a highly regarded newcomer. Mace was a trailblazer as the first woman to graduate from the Citadel military college. She appeared on CNN to say:

“I have time after time condemned my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for racist tropes and remarks that I find disgusting, and this is no different than any others.”

All hell broke loose.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

First, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia called her fellow colleague Mace “trash” for condemning Ms. Boebert’s remarks in a television interview. Greene warned Mace to “back up off” Boebert, while attacking her as “she’s pro-abort.” Mace supports abortion in cases of rape and incest because she is a survivor of sexual assault.

Ms. Mace then used a series of emojis — a bat, a pile of excrement and a crazy clown — to describe Ms. Greene. She then called Greene a liar, a grifter and a nut.

Greene also called the January 6 insurrectionists as “innocent people” that were “set up” by various “agencies” such as the FBI may have been involved.

Paul Gosar

White supremacist Paul Gosar of Arizona was recently censured over a video depicting violence against colleagues and President Joe Biden. His family has disowned him.

Matt Gaetz

Suspected pedophile under investigation and Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida is an ally of crazy Greene. He retweeted an attack by the white nationalist Jack Posobiec denouncing Ms. Mace as a “scam artist” for promoting coronavirus vaccinations on CNN.

Adam Kinzinger

Representative Adam Kinzinger called Greene “unserious circus barker McSpacelaser” — a reference to a social media post that she once circulated suggesting that wildfires had been started by lasers owned by the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking family. Mr. Kinzinger added that Kevin McCarthy has done nothing to discipline members for bigoted and violent statements, “continues his silent streak that would make a monk blush.”

Popcorn GIFs | Tenor

“He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas” has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack. … An earlier English reference was first cited in 1612 by John Webster in his play “The White Devil.” Act five, scene one, line 170: “For they that sleep with dogs, shall rise with fleas.”

Meanwhile, the gross domestic product is on track to grow about 5% in 2021. The last time we had that kind of growth was under the Reagan administration forty years ago. The economy added 531,000 jobs in October, dropping the unemployment rate to 4.6 percent, the lowest rate since November 1969.

Biden’s Child Tax Credit caused food insecurity to drop 24% for families. Biden released 50 million barrels of the nation’s oil reserves to combat the rising gas prices. The price of WTI Crude has dropped back to what it was in early September.