Resident Abuse

I saw an article about resident abuse that is common and difficult to prove without the testimony of an honest employee of the nursing home.  The industry has labeled injuries caused by abuse to be “injuries of unknown origins”.  Perhaps, they should polygrapg the employees who provided care and treatment to the resident to determine how it happened.

Peggy LeNoir expected to celebrate her father’s birthday, but instead was looking at disturbing pictures taken from his nursing home bed.

“I seen a black eye. He got a bruise on top of his head. He got bruises on his back. His back is bruised up and swollen and I see marks on his leg.” says LeNoir.

When he came here he was walking and talking, now he can hardly move. She had already complained about the bed sores he was suffering. Then Peggy got a call Monday to check on her dad. What she saw shocked her.  The nursing home said her father may have fallen. But Peggy says how, since he can’t walk, talk and can barely move.   If he fell, who picked him up? Why didn’t they do an incident report then or notify the family as required by the regulations!

More frustrating, she says a staff member told her to leave and even called police.
Peggy’s brother, Randy, says it’s just time for some straight answers.