Rape Investigation

Police arrested and charged another certified nursing assistant (CNA) for sexually assaulting two elderly nursing home residents at Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Wakefield and Knollwood Nursing Center in Worcester. The alleged assailant worked overnight shifts at the nursing homes. Apparently without any supervision. As a CNA, Wachira was responsible for changing, bathing, feeding, toileting, and assisting incontinent nursing facility residents.

The Worcester County Grand Jury indicted Charles Wachira on Aug. 13 on charges of Indecent Assault and Battery Upon an Elder (2 counts) and Annoying and Accosting Persons (1 count). He pleaded not guilty. Judge Janet Kenton Walker released him on personal recognizance with the following conditions: no work or volunteering as a CNA during the pendency of the case; no work or volunteering in nursing homes, rest homes, or in the health care field; do not leave the state without permission form the court; and no work or volunteering with anyone over 60 years of age or with disabled individuals.

The AG’s Office alleges that, in February 2020, Wachira sexually assaulted an elderly female resident in her bedroom while providing custodial care, despite the resident being able to do so on her own. A subsequent investigation revealed that Wachira allegedly sexually assaulted another nursing home resident at Bear Hill in February 2021.

There is a special place in hell for people who assault or neglect vulnerable adults.