Caught on Tape

Nursing home surveillance cameras caught two employees abuse and taunt a vulnerable resident.  Clearly caught on tape. The employees were teenage girls who work in a rural nursing home in Minnesota. Police accuse these caregivers of abusing and taunting an elderly female with dementia.

Reports from the local police department and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) detail the allegations at the Johnson Memorial Hospital and Home.

The police states one caregiver shot foam balls at the woman from a toy gun. The video shows one of the balls hit the woman in the head. One of the aides pointed her cell phone at the resident and the other aide leaned into the woman and kissed her on the lips.

According to the MDH report, one of the teens started dancing in “a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance (twerking) in front of the resident and pulled up her shirt, exposing her lower back” to the resident. The twerking apparently happened three different times during the half hour. One of the girls sat on the resident’s lap and bounced up and down.

One of the juvenile delinquents admitted to the behavior but was not forthcoming on the details or expressed any remorse. I am glad they were caught on tape or no one would know.