PruittHealth and N.C. Deal

The Fayetteville Observer reported the disturbing deal between North Carolina and PruittHealth. North Carolina taxpayers will give $5.3 million more in the next five years to have Georgia-based PruittHealth to manage the state’s veterans nursing homes. However, another company had a lower bid. Wilmington-based Liberty Healthcare offered to run the facilities for a bid of 8.15% of revenue budget. Principle Healthcare would have taken $21.75 million with a bid based on 7.5% of revenue.

PruittHealth’s bid was a 10% share of $290 million in revenues for the four facilities across the state, including in Fayetteville. Previously, it was 9.25%. Pruitt’s fee increases to $29 million from $18.5 million. That’s a 56.5% overall fee increase.

Pruitt had the same oversight duties when 39 veterans died of COVID-19 in the North Carolina homes they manage. No public investigation has occurred. Do they really deserve a raise?