Misfortune at Nursing Homes

A recent article at Politico reported the greed and failure of Atrium Health. The for-profit chain was forced to closed and transfer the vulnerable adults under their care. The older and vulnerable residents relied on the care of the home. Suddenly being relocated with very little notice is traumatic especially those with dementia. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid service even reported that the facility had disorderly and ineffectively put their residents in “immediate jeopardy.”

In 2015, Atrium paid themselves nearly $37 million dollars as a loan from a company called Midcap financial. This fiscal mismanagement placed Atrium Health on a slippery slope to closure. The downfall shows that investors are willing to do anything to expand and increase their profit. Breslin, the owner of Weston takes home a salary of $1 million a year. Due to the relationship between the nursing home operator and the loan giver they have ensured a risk for the residents to gain profit off of their lives.