“The Killer Nurse”

Pennsylvania’s Sunnyview Health and Rehab is the latest nursing facility with links to Heather Pressdee, known as “The Killer Nurse.” Pressdee, a registered nurse, caused the death of numerous patients she mistreated with insulin. Pressdee bounced from nursing home to nursing home, each time allegedly terminated or forced to resign.

One of Pressdee’s patients that she oversaw was Joseph Campbell. Campbell was living in nursing facility when Pressdee gave Campbell a lethal dose
of insulin. Campbell was not a diabetic and was given the dose of insulin by Pressdee anyways.

The family of 43-year-old Nicolas Cymbol, the youngest of Pressdee’s alleged victims, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility.

Marguerite Laskovich, 80, died at the facility in January 2023. Her son, Keith Laskovich, also filed a lawsuit against Sunnyview. Furthermore, Pressdee was charged in 2020 with the mistreatment of 19 patients mentioned above.

Both lawsuits allege the nursing home was negligent in hiring Pressdee, who had worked at 10 skilled nursing facilities in the previous four years. Pressdee also had no supervision or approval while giving out the medication to patients who did not need the medicine.

Overall, she faces charges connected to 22 patients, including five who survived. She is charged with murder in four of those deaths, and attempted homicide in the case of the 18 others.