Medications Stolen

KCENtv reported on one of the long-standing issues in the nursing home industry, the theft of drugs. As a nursing home attorney, I see the diversion of narcotics and other medications in many of our cases.

The report states police arrested Ashley Kay Bidwell after overdosing on morphine and admitting to stealing it from her employer, Lutheran Ministries Sunset Home in Clifton, Texas. She had a history of theft convictions but the nursing home still hired her. Incredible.

Amanda Fredriksen is the associate state director for advocacy with AARP Texas. This latest incident did not surprise her.

“We have serious quality of care problems in our nursing homes. The issue of of abuse and neglect in nursing facilities in Texas is not as uncommon as it should be.”

She says a lot of people are adding cameras to nursing rooms as a deterrent, but also to have as evidence.

“These are the most vulnerable of our residents and you know, many of them, like the person in this situation can’t speak for themselves, they can’t advocate for themselves and it’s just not right,” Fredriksen said.