Maggots found in resident’s ear

I saw this article about a woman who was a resident of a Tennessee nursing home where they found maggots in her ear. How could this happen?  Who is checking her?  It is disgusting and unacceptable.  I’m surprised the facility isn’t claiming it is part of her care and treatment!

A Health Department investigation revealed that a resident at Johnson City nursing home had maggots in her ear because of a hygiene problem at the facility.

Records show the woman suffered from dementia and needed assistance with dressing, eating and bathing. But attendants at the Lakebridge Health Care Center had not washed her hair since July 23 when they found the maggots on August 4.

The state found the home deficient in providing daily hygiene to patients and is requiring a plan of action to fix the problem.  A Lakebridge administrator says that the woman did have her hair washed regularly, but that staff had failed to always record it.   The Administrator should know the Nurse’s Axiom:  If it wasn’t documented, it wasn’t done.” All nurses are trained this way and most good facilities have a written policy to that effect.