Investigative Report

Ames Alexander is an investigative reporter for the Charlotte Observer that contributed to Left Alone, an investigation into the nursing home industry in North Carolina. The investigation discovered a struggle to hire and retain caregivers causing nursing homes to endanger thousands of vulnerable residents. People are getting neglected and abused.

Left Alone has 6 parts.

Part 1: ‘People can die.’ Staffing crisis endangers thousands inside NC nursing homes.

Part 2: Do some for-profit NC nursing homes cut corners on staffing and quality?

Part 3: Need to find a high-quality nursing home in North Carolina? Here are some tips.

Part 4: At the worst time, North Carolina nursing home residents lost key protections.

Part 5: She didn’t have to die, her son says. Was short-staffed nursing home to blame?

Part 6: Troubled NC nursing home failed to protect residents from abuse, investigation finds Tell us your thoughts: What have you experienced or witnessed inside NC nursing homes?

The problem is greed and the need to cut staff for profits. It is an unsafe business model. I hope we can prevent future neglect.