Staffing Shortages Improve

Nursing homes faced serious staffing problems for decades. Nursing homes are required to provide safe and sufficient staff to meet the needs of the residents. Nursing aides are the lifeline in any nursing home. CNAs are the frontline workers who provide almost all of the direct care.

They are responsible for feeding, cleaning, and bathing residents. Lack of adequate help has a critical impact on the quality of care provided in nursing homes. Often facilities fail to pay them a living wage or provide any benefits.

“Unfortunately, it is the easiest place for operators to cut costs,” observed Richard Mollot — executive director for the Long Term Care Community Coalition.

Researchers found staffing shortages improved since the staff vaccination went into effect. More caregivers feel safer now. Researchers found that nursing home staff vaccination rates increased nationally from 62% to 89% since the mandate went into effect. However, unsafe staffing still prevails.

You agreed: short staffing is like drunk driving. So why did nurses who  tried to do something about it in Massachusetts fail so badly? – Nurse  Recruiter