Difficulty in proving abuse

Georgetown police could not find any physical evidence to corroborate one of the recent complaints filed against Georgetown Healthcare and Rehab in Maryville. In March, police were called to the facility after a resident said he was choked by a nurse.

The incident happened in December but he waited to report it because he was “in fear of possible retribution.”  The nurse denied the charges but was placed on suspension during the investigation.

The resident was shown pictures of 12 women who work at that facility and was asked to show the investigators the one who choked him. The photo selected was not the nurse he accused of the abuse. There was a inconsistency in part of his allegations.

“Based on this investigation, there is no physical evidence or witnesses to support this allegation,” Investigator Johnell Sparkman wrote in his report. “At this time this case is unfounded.”

Helluva an investigation.

No polygraph examination of the accused? Prior complaints? Interview other residents?