Cutting the Line

New Hampshire Public Radio announced that greedy and selfish board members “cut in line” for a vaccine. Webster at Rye nursing home admitted to including board members on their list of eligible staff members for a vaccine. Obviously, none of them provide direct nursing care to the residents. Incredible.

Jake Leon is the spokesman for the state health department. He wrote in a statement to NHPR:

“The Department condemns the facility’s decision to allow its board members to ‘cut in line’ to get the vaccine by prioritizing board members alongside their direct caregivers. Vaccine supplies remain very limited, and any doses provided to individuals not eligible for the first phase are doses that aren’t available to vaccinate people who are most at risk of severe complications if exposed to the virus.”

Thomas Argue is the CEO who made the decision. He encouraged the board members to take the vaccine. The decision was based on the board member’s “fiduciary responsibility to oversee the operation”. They deny they have any duty during lawsuits!

The CEO said the board members were supposed to be last “so every employee could receive their vaccine first.” This did not happen though.  At least one staff member told NHPR they were not able to get the vaccine until January 21.  Despite the administrators and board members already receiving their vaccines weeks ago.

Meanwhile, KHN analyzed data showing black Americans do not receive vaccinations equal to white people. Only 3% of all Americans have received one dose of a coronavirus vaccine so far. But in 16 states that have released data by race, white residents are being vaccinated at significantly higher rates than Black residents, in many cases two to three times higher.