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Illinois Neglect

The Chicago Sun Times reported the problems in Illinois nursing homes during the last year. In 2019, Illinois ranked last in nursing home staffing. The neglect and abuse exist despite getting bailouts and windfalls from the government. Taxpayers sent $240 million to nursing homes to address staffing numbers. This included at least $880 million for

Illegal Evictions

WREG reported on the tragic “dumping” of Noah Mangum by Collierville Nursing and Rehabilitation. Collierville Nursing and Rehab is a facility with a history of documented problems. The facility had three outbreaks during the pandemic, at least four people died. Mangum called the News Channel 3 Investigators after seeing reports on problems at nursing homes

Judge Jinks the Jerk?

NBC News reported on a Alabama Probate judge named Randy Jinks. He seems like a bit of a jerk. Judge Jinks took office in January 2019. Immediately, complaints followed. More than 100 allegations were outlined in a scathing 78-page complaint issued by the Judicial Inquiry Commission. Employees accuse Jinks of “cultivating a toxic and hostile workplace that

Ohio Allows Cameras

The Ohio Senate passed a bipartisan bill that allows cameras in resident’s rooms to prevent abuse and neglect. This is a big win for safety and deterrence. Ohio received more than 19,000 reports of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation in 2018. Abuse and neglect are worse now. The bill named for Esther allows a resident’s

Wages and Profits

American corporations can afford to pay workers a living wage. See below for historical proof of wages and profits. If anything, wages today are historically low. As a share of gross domestic product, worker compensation is lowest since the Great Depression. Corporate profits have been rising rapidly.

Will the Moment Last?

Robert G Kramer wrote an interesting and blunt article for Health Affairs blog. Below are some excerpts. The US long-term care system, particularly in skilled nursing facilities, has been exposed as deeply flawed, chronically underfunded, and in need of reform. The sector now faces the scrutiny of Congress, as well as policy makers and regulators in


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