Caregiver arrested

The Miami Herald reported on the sad and tragic case of abuse and neglect suffered by residents at Hazelwood Residential Facility in Kentucky. Police arrested a caregiver at an assisted living facility for repeated abuse. Video shows suspect Darian Rice abusing vulnerable adults under his care. A male resident at the facility was allegedly the victim of repeated abuse by Rice from Oct. 13-17.

Police’s citation states:

“The abuse ranged from shoving the victim to the ground, tripping the victim causing him to fall to the ground, kneeling on victim’s head and neck, and kicking victim’s legs out from under him causing him to fall.”

Hazelwood Residential Facility provides assisted living care “for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” according to its website. Police credited the facility for providing the damning surveillance footage following its own internal investigation.

“The director of the facility advised LMPD that the abuse on the surveillance video is not consistent to any type of training employees receive.”

Rice was charged with second-degree wanton endangerment and third-degree criminal abuse, court records show.