Resident to Resident Murder

Failure to Supervise

A Florida nursing home allowed a resident to beat and choke another resident to death. Who was watching? Where was the supervision?

According to police reports, the Gold Choice Assisted Living & Memory Care called the Flagler County Sheriff Office after discovering a woman resident not breathing. She suffered facial injuries. She was on the suspect’s bed.

Police charged Cliff Mody with second-degree murder. Mody said the victim entered his room and laid down on his bed. He stated he told her to leave but she didn’t, so he struck her in the head. Mody decided to “eye gauge” her with his fingers and continued to hit her. He then put her in a chokehold and “put as much pressure as he could.”

Why didn’t the staff intervene?

Staff members even admitted that they knew the victim had a diminished mental capacity and would enter the rooms of other residents.

A staff member also told 911 that Mody was moved to the memory care side after attacking another resident.

Poor training and inadequate care planning caused this incident. The facility knew or should have known to monitor the residents.