Allegations of neglect including no hot water

Residents at a nursing home in Idaho are alleging the facility is neglecting its residents and has failed to provide hot water for nine days.

A new water pump was ordered Thursday when hot water went out at the home.  Hot water was  available in the home’s kitchen and laundry room. The hot water was temporarily restored Thursday, failed again Friday and was not repaired until Sunday because the replacement pump was damaged in transit.  Relatives of some patients deny hot water was available.

“My mom hasn’t had a bath since she’s been here,” said Butch Malone, whose mother arrived at the care center Dec. 10.

The families also say the center’s staff is unresponsive when patients call for help. For example, Randy Speaks’ 40-year-old daughter said it has taken staff as long as an hour to respond when his daughter is in need.

During the facility’s last inspection in September, state inspectors said the home was deficient in failing to properly treat or prevent bed sores, according to reports posted on the national Medicare Web site.

The inspection also found the home “failed to prepare food that is nutritional, appetizing, tasty, attractive, well-cooked and at the right temperature.”