The Ensign Group

McKnight’s reported on The Ensign Group, a national for-profit nursing home chain.  The Ensign Group planned a double-prolonged expansion with managed
care partners. The relationships with these partners will create profit and avoid liability within the nursing industry.

The combination of increased occupancy rates and high managed care volume allows Ensign’s expansion plan to succeed. CEO Barry Poth commented on
the “extraordinary growth” in the last quarter due to the new facilities and increased number of beds.

In 2023, the increased revenue was a result of the consistency of staffing which improved the skilled mix in SNF and the senior living revenue. They worked with local hospitals to strengthen “partnerships with key managed care plans and congeners.” This led to a 13.4% revenue increase, bed occupancy to 100% in senior living for the year, 17% growth in the skilled mix, and ultimately directed by the 40% increase in managed care days.

After adding the 116-bed TriState Health and Rehabilitation Center into the Ensign Network, more facilities will be added over the next few years in Tennessee  Chief Operating Officer Spencer Burton focused on how current buildings are improving their census and revenues.

However, in 2018, Ensign faced litigation involving a realtor case in which the Department of Justice declined to intervene. In the 2021 Ensign Annual Report, the case involved violations of the False Claims Act or the Anti-Kickback Statute to medical directors or other referral sources.

Additionally, a new Civil Investigative Demand letter from the Department of Justice possibly concerning Texas Medicaid issues was brought up yet no further details were available.