What damages can I get after a car accident?

Car accidents are a daily occurrence, impacting the lives of innocent people each day. While some accidents are minor, others are much more serious and result in devastating injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident because of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to a number of damages.

What damages may I be entitled to?

Damages in a personal injury case refer to the losses that are caused by the accident. They are classified as either economic or non-economic damages. In certain circumstances, punitive damages can be claimed, which refers to punishment for intentional acts committed against a victim, such as driving under the influence. Car accident victims may be entitled to different damages, the most common of which are medical bills, lost wages, 

Economic damages are damages that have a monetary value. This includes medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost income, and more. Non-economic damages refer to damages that are not 

Understanding damages is not always straightforward, and the process can be complicated. To get a complete and accurate list of your damages after a car accident, talk to a lawyer who can assess your case. 

How is the value of a claim calculated?

To calculate damages, lawyers and insurance companies use a specific formula to determine the total value of a claim. Don’t expect insurance companies to provide a fair calculation. You may be actually missing out on damages that they don’t list. When you talk to a car accident lawyer like one from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C., you boost your chances of finding the highest possible value for your claim. 

Why is it important to have a lawyer determine the value of my case? 

Having a complete list of damages is important in finding out how big of a settlement you should accept. If you do not have an accurate list of damages, you may have to cover the amount on your own. For example, if you discover that you actually have additional future medical expenses but have already accepted a settlement, then you may not be able to secure additional compensation for those expenses. A lawyer knows how to determine all the damages you may be entitled to in the most efficient manner. 

Receive help from a qualified lawyer 

Take action now to receive the legal assistance that you need. Contact a top car accident lawyer that you can rely on today to learn about the types of damages you could be entitled to.