Video of Assault

The New York Post reported on a horrific assault captured by a nanny cam.  A caregiver was arrested for assault and torture charges for allegedly beating a 93-year-old woman in her care — with the abuse caught on surveillance video. The video was captured by video surveillance placed at the facility by the victim’s family.

The video shows Arrington flying off the handle after the elderly patient, who suffers from dementia, soiled herself. The caregiver slams the woman with the dirty diaper then chokes her with her hand.

Dontia Shawnra Arrington was charged with vulnerable adult abuse, torture with intent to cause cruel or extreme physical and mental pain, and assault with intent to case bodily harm in the stomach-turning incident at the Landings of Genesee Valley facility, WNEM-TV News reported.

Video “You see the vulnerability of the victim and the fact that she’s getting hit with a 2- or 3-pound soiled diaper,” Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson told the outlet. But that isn’t enough. When she brought her hand across her throat in a chokehold, that can kill people, especially a 93-year-old.”