Verdict in Covid Fraud Case

“This letter serves to submit my resignation to the Missouri House of Representatives.”

–Rep. Tricia Derges, R-Nixa.

Branson News reported the guilty verdict and subsequent resignation of a Republican state legislator. Derges quit after a jury found her guilty in a medical fraud scheme including mail fraud and false statements to federal agents. Derges is a political ally to Republican senator Josh Hawley.

The indictment included eight counts of wire fraud, 10 counts of violating the federal Controlled Substances Act and two counts of making false statements to federal agents. A second indictment accused Derges of fraudulently submitting claims for $900,000 in federal funds.

“This is an elected official who stole money from the public, a purported humanitarian who cheated and lied to her patients, and a medical professional who illegally distributed drugs,” said U.S. Attorney Teresa Moore. “She violated her position of trust to selfishly enrich herself at the expense of others. But a jury of her peers, in a unanimous verdict, saw through her smokescreen of excuses and ridiculous claims, and now she will be held accountable for her criminal behavior.”

The jury found Derges guilty of all counts.