Vaccination Data

Reporting Data

Federal regulators released vaccination data for individual nursing homes on the CMS COVID-19 Nursing Home Data website. Statistics for rates of vaccination among staff and residents should be current. Facilities must submit updated figures to avoid civil monetary penalties. Nursing homes will need to make major progress on resident and staff vaccine reporting to avoid penalties. A CMS memo warned:

“Any nursing homes that are not reporting this information weekly should do so immediately.” 

The website include a discussion about vaccinations and the nursing home’s goal of vaccinating 75% of staff. There were only 751 of 15,000 U.S. nursing homes that reached the industry’s goal of vaccinating 75% of workers.

Long-term care providers are required to report COVID-19 testing, case and mortality data via the NHSN system. Now, they must include vaccination data. This will help inform the public and workers of the health risks for each facility. The tabulations are here.

South Carolina nursing home residents vaccination rate is over 77%. However, nursing home employees’ rate is only 43%. Better than the overall population. South Carolina only has 36% of their citizens fully vaccinated.