True the Vote Admission

The Associated Press reported that Trump backed alt-right group True the Vote admitted it is not aware of any evidence to support allegations of ballot stuffing or other fraud in Georgia. The conservative Republican group told a Georgia judge that it doesn’t have evidence to support its claims of illegal ballot stuffing during the the 2020 general election and a runoff two months later.

Texas-based True the Vote filed complaints with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in 2021 claiming it had “a detailed account of coordinated efforts to collect and deposit ballots in drop boxes across metro Atlanta” during the November 2020 election and a January 2021 runoff. State elections officials were frustrated by the group’s refusal to disclose or share information with investigators.

The election board subpoenaed True the Vote to provide evidence that would assist it in investigating the group’s ballot trafficking allegations.

True the Vote had no names or other documentary evidence to share in response to a Court Order.

“Once again, True the Vote has proven itself untrustworthy and unable to provide a shred of evidence for a single one of their fairy-tale allegations. Like all the lies about Georgia’s 2020 election, their fabricated claims of ballot harvesting have been repeatedly debunked.”

Raffensperger spokesman Mike Hassinger said.

Prior to the State Election Board’s investigation, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation looked into True the Vote’s assertion that it was able to use surveillance video and geospatial mobile device information to support its allegations but GBI said no evidence of ballot harvesting existed.