Tragic Neglect

11Alive had an incredibly tragic story of Brian Jones. His life changed in 2018 after a sleep-deprived truck driver slammed into him, leaving him paralyzed. That was horrific. The tragedy is how he was treated at Pruitt Health in Lilburn.

“I have been left sitting in feces and urine for 7 to 8 hours,” he said. “I’ve been verbally abused. Feeding me they just shove food down my mouth. I have anxiety attacks all the time.”

Jones reported several instances of alleged abuse and neglect to his ombudsman, a government-appointed advocate tasked with investigating complaints. Frustrated, he recently created a TikTok account to start sharing his concerns. Many residents are not saavy or competent enough to communicate what is happening in nursing homes. I hope he gets the care he needs.

11Alive investigators pulled police records and found that officers in Lilburn have investigated at least three recent allegations of abuse at the facility.