Take Action Today!

REMINDER: Take Action Today!

Tell Congress to Say NO to Immunity for Nursing Homes and Other Long-Term Care Facilities

National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care reminds us to take action today. Congress is trying to take away our constitutional right to a jury trial.
Over 62,000 residents of long-term care facilities have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Countless other residents have fallen victim to short-staffing and inadequate care during the same time. These numbers continue to grow every day, and, in some states, COVID-19 infections are growing exponentially in nursing homes.
Last week, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, introduced a bill that would have devastating consequences on nursing home residents. The legislation, called the Safe to Work Act (S 4317), would remove a nursing home’s liability for all negligent care that harms or results in the death of residents from 2019 until 2024 – including harm totally unrelated to COVID-19. Congress could make a decision about immunity at any time. Please act now to urge your members of Congress to strongly oppose this bill.

Take Action Now

At a time when residents need more protections than ever, this bill would rob them of their right to pursue justice through the courts. It would remove the last remaining protections for nursing home residents. With family, friends, and residents’ advocates banned from visiting, and state survey agencies rarely present, judicial recourse is the last avenue available to residents to hold facilities accountable. Without accountability there is nothing to deter facility practices and actions that harm residents.
Please use their advocacy tool to tell Congress to say NO to granting immunity to nursing homes. Send your Representative and Senators a message that you will not tolerate removing protections for nursing home residents. For more information about COVID-19 and what you can do to help, visit our website at www.theconsumervoice.org.