Support the Police

My hometown had horrible news over the weekend. Fox Carolina reported that a pickup struck the son of a Spartanburg County deputy. In a Facebook post, SCSO disclosed that 14-year-old William Allen was hit by the car while crossing Fernwood Glendale Road. William is the son of deputy Edgar Allen.

South Carolina Highway Patrol says a 2015 Chevrolet pickup was traveling east on the road while William was crossing south. The collision happened just before 7 p.m. Saturday night. He was taken to the hospital via EMS.

William had emergency surgery at Spartanburg Regional before being moved to a pediatric ICU in Greenville. William has lacerations in his head along with a long laceration on his side. He also has blood in his lungs, a broken arm, broken pelvis, and multiple broken vertebrae.

SCSO says William has surgery set Monday morning to work on the pelvis, and shared a link to a GoFundMe started to offset the medical expenses incurred in the recovery.

Please pray for him. If you can contribute, please do.