South Carolina COVID Update

Lindsey Graham

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) analysis shows that the vast majority of recent COVID-19 cases (86%) remain among unvaccinated individuals. The state is currently ranked 41st in the nation for percentage of citizens vaccinated. South Carolina averages almost 2000 new hospitalizations a day.

Lindsey Graham is the senior senator from South Carolina. Graham tried to show some leadership at a fundraiser in Summerville last weekend. However, he only managed to anger the mob when he said he was glad he got vaccinated. Apparently, his political supporters did not respect his personal choice to take the vaccine and not die.

Carriage House of Florence

Carriage House of Florence failed their residents. DHEC documents that the nursing home refused to follow COVID-19 safety regulations. DHEC’s statement:

“Even with DHEC’s guidance, education, training, and onsite visits, Carriage House of Florence was unable to come into compliance. In the interest of the health and safety of the residents, DHEC took an enforcement action against the facility for its numerous issues in violation of Section 1701 (infection control) of Regulation 61-84, Standards for Licensing Community Residential Care Facilities.”

The facility failed to separate or isolate residents with COVID-19. Staff failed to use personal protective equipment. Caregivers failed to wash hands after caring for those with COVID-19. The nursing home failed to screen new admissions for COVID. DHEC fined Carriage House only $5,000 for the repeated and continuous unsafe violations. Carriage House also owns facilities in Hartsville, Sumter and Taylors.

You might want to check on your loved ones if they are at a Carriage House nursing home.

DHEC strongly encourages the use of masks in public and indoor settings, especially in our nursing homes and schools. A recent CDC report highlights the effectiveness of wearing masks.