Settlement in Fall Case

The Morning Call reported a $250,000 settlement in a nursing home fall case. Lehigh County and Good Shepherd Rehabilitation will pay $250,000 to settle claims that inadequate staffing led to Shirley Leibenguth’s death. Cedarbrook understaffed its registered nurses by 30% and its CNAs 14%-22% compared with safe staffing standards. This profited them more than $2.5 million-$3 million each year, the suit claims.

Leibenguth fell from her bed as a certified nursing assistant attempted to move or change her. Leibenguth suffered two broken legs and a facial injury in the July 5, 2017, fall. She died 10 hours later after suffering cardiac arrest and being resuscitated several times.

The county and Good Shepherd admit no liability or fault as a result of the settlement.

According to the settlement agreement, Charles Beck, who is the administrator of Leibenguth’s estate would receive $75,625, while Liebenguth’s other brother, Thomas Beck, would receive $50,417. The remainder of the settlement amount would go to paying back recoupment costs, medical bills, and Estate liens from Medicare and Medicaid.