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Resident Sexual Assaults

Sexual assaults in nursing homes are at an all time high. Many believe the cause is multifactorial. COVID has prevented family member visits which allow assaults to go undiscovered. Nursing homes are accepting sexual predators to increase low occupancy rates. Money trumps safety.

Failure to Protect

For example, the Buffalo News recently reported that investigators fined Terrace View Long Term Care Facility $24,508. The facility failed to protect and prevent sexual assaults on two different residents with dementia.

In one incident, a certified nurse aide failed to conduct rounds to check on residents for 2½ hours. The CNA was supposed to check on residents. The caregiver lied about making rounds. A video shows she remained seated at the nurses’ station. A state Health Department inspection report found that a resident with dementia was found naked in bed with another resident during that time period.

The caregiver asked the sexual predator what happened. “Resident #2 stated, What do you think happened between two adults?” The inspection report stated victim had dementia has severe cognitive impairment.

Failure to Supervise

Further, the staffing shortage allows predators to avoid detection. The overworked staff does not have time to supervise sexual predators. For example, in another incident, a known sexual offender resident assaulted the genitalia area of a resident with dementia while a CNA was monitoring him one-on-one to prevent incidents. The aide admitted she was in the bathroom when the assault occurred. “CNA #1 stated she knew she should not have left the resident alone and normally she would tell another staff member before leaving for the bathroom,” the state inspector wrote.

The Mercury reported that a former resident at Brookside Nursing Home admitted to sexually assaulting an unconscious man with Down syndrome. He somehow acquired and provided a sedative to the victim. Pasquale Edward Neri pleaded guilty to felony charges of rape of an unconscious person and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. When confronted by nurses about his conduct, Neri allegedly replied, “I’m helping him.”

The nursing home industry needs to provide safe and sufficient staffing to maintain the health, protect the safety, and promote the well-being of the vulnerable adults under their care and supervision.

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