ReNew Health Group

Unqualified Leadership

LAist had an incredible article called “Immediate Jeopardy: Death and Neglect Inside A Troubled California Nursing Home Chain.”             The article begins by discussing three cases  involving neglect and abuse within three different nursing homes. The connecting link is ReNew Health Group which own and operate the facilities.

The owner, Crystal Solorzano, may be responsible for the neglect in her facilities. Solorzano submitted fraudulent documents to obtain [her] nursing home administrator license, specifically a fraudulent college transcript from Touro College. Wow. Incredible.

Immediate Jeopardy

There have been many cases of neglect and abuse with citations of “immediate jeopardies” for ReNew Health Group. A total of at least 128 federal violations. The article focuses on the facilities’ unsafe staffing, lack of PPE, and failures to follow safe infection prevention protocols. During the pandemic, ReNew Health Group suffered severe lack of staffing, and many staff and residents were infected.

One employee working at a facility owned by Solorzano said:

“He’d have to request PPE and then reuse what he was given…so he could wear it again and again, shift after shift.” 

With one employee stating, “he quit after less than two months. ‘ I realized, like, they really didn’t care.”  Rather than quickening that death, patients should be provided with the same quality of life and health care as everyone else. If the owner/operator really care about the staff or the residents, they would provide safe staffing levels to meet the needs to the residents.