Recording Neglect and Abuse

Law and Crime reported a horrific case of abuse. Police arrested nursing assistant Gabriel V. Woods in Florida for posting a photograph on social media allegedly showing her physically abusing a vulnerable adult under her care to garner more attention online. An anonymous email included a video and a photograph recently posted on Woods’ social media account.

“In the photograph, an arm believed to belong to Woods is seen with the same distinct gold/silver bracelets,” the affidavit states. “This arm believed to belong to Woods is extended towards [the patient’s] face, grabbing and twisting [the patient’s] lips. This caused [the patient’s] top lip to appear white in the photograph. This white area around [the patient’s] upper lip is indicative of an area of skin which has a significant amount of force being applied to it.”

A co-worker allegedly showed officers the email, the video and photograph. Woods allegedly admitted that she was the person in both the video and photo and that she was the owner of both social media accounts to which they were posted

Court records indicate law enforcement took Gabriel V. Woods into custody and charged her with one count of aggravated abuse and neglect of an elderly person, a third-degree felony.