Privatizing Social Security

Prominent Republicans in important leadership positions want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. Here’s what they actually said about cuts and changes to Social Security and Medicare.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla) released an 11-point plan to curb government spending by allowing programs to “sunset” after five years  This require Congress to vote to renew Social Security and Medicare every five years. The Republican Study Committee is the largest conservative caucus in the House. The group includes more than 150 Republican members of the House, the majority of the GOP caucus. They want to increase the age for Medicare to 67 years of age and Social Security to 70 years.  They won’t be able to get Mike Lee’s vote.

When Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) ran for Senate, he promised to eliminate Social Security:

“It will be my objective to phase out Social Security, to pull it up by the roots and get rid of it,” Lee said at a campaign event in 2010, adding, “There’s going to be growing pains associated with doing this. We can’t do it all at once.”