The Athens Daily Review published an anonymous poem from a nursing home resident. Tragic.

One poem is shared below as written:

“I am just an Old Ole Maid

Now, I need a nurse’s aid

To help me with a chore

But when I ask for help, they ignore.

So I seldom make a request

The aids think I should only exist

So as they sit and shoot the breeze

I can’t put on socks so feet freeze

I seldom get a hair wash and shower

So, I don’t smell like a flower

My sheets need to be changed

But, that can’t be arranged.

My room would look better if bed was made

I think that’s why they get paid.

The reason all hall aids seem to be gone

Is because they are on the phone.

I haven’t even scratched the surface

But I think that you get the jest.

So, I must keep on living

And try to be more forgiving.

I can’t sign this, alone.

All residents sing the same song.”