Pay Increases Lower Turnover

“Pay increases for caregivers were long overdue. This year with all of the positions receiving increases, turnover rates are starting to slow.”

–Rosanne Zabka, director of reports for Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service.

McKnight’s reported nursing home nurses averaged double-digit pay increases this year. Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Services (HCS) released the 45th annual HCS Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Report.

The national average hourly rate for certified nurse aides soared by 11.15%. It went from $15.23 in 2021 to $16.87 in 2022.

Registered nurses, meanwhile, were right behind with an hourly rate that jumped 11.1% (to $34.58).

Licensed practical nurses saw a 9.4% increase, rising to $26.46 per hour.

Experts credited the large salary jumps for CNAs, RNs and LPNs to staffing shortages. The national turnover rate for all nursing home employees was 48.5%, a 25% net rise.

The turnover rate for CNAs was 54.8% in 2022. LPNs and RNs had lower turnover rates than CNAs.

The full report is available for purchase on the HCS website.