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Fox Carolina reported that Republican lawmaker Sen. Tom Corbin (R) wrote a letter after a FOX Carolina investigation discovered revealed a decade of poor conditions at Oakridge Community Care in Inman. ongoing issues at an assisted living facility.

Where has Corbin been the last ten years? Sen. Corbin represents the district Inman where Oakridge Community Care is located. He also serves on the Senate’s medical affairs committee.

FOX Carolina Investigates team had to publish a series of articles detailing abuse and neglect to shame Corbin into doing something. All he did was write a letter asking someone nicely to do their f#$^! job.  The letter was sent to Dr. Edward Simmer, the director of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

FOX Carolina News got a copy of the letter, which praises DHEC’s work in supervising long term care facilities in South Carolina. WTF?!?

Does he not know how bad the facilities are in South Carolina or does he not care? Ignorance or Apathy. Shameful.



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