Nursing Home v. Caregivers

I read a couple of interesting articles about a nursing home employee who quit but tried to receive unemployment benefits.  Stephanie Lindsey was a full-time cook for the facility. She quit Luther Manor Communities nursing home over the facility’s personal protective equipment policy. She then collected nearly $5,000 in unemployment benefits. The facility appealed.

However, Administrative Law Judge Jennifer Beckham denied Lindsey jobless benefits. The nursing home had to remind Lindsey to wear her PPE. She quit without notice after objecting to the rule. The judge ruled that Lindsey wasn’t entitled to receive any unemployment benefits since she quit over not wanting to wear PPE.

Beckham ruled:

“[Lindsey] worked directly with a vulnerable population who was at high risk if exposed to COVID-19. The employer was required to have its employees wear PPE, or risk being fined by the governing agency.” 

Lindsey won’t have to repay the $4,849 in aid. The money will instead be absorbed by the state’s unemployment fund.