Nursing home failed to notify family of death of mother

Huberto Garmon says when his mother died on July 15th no one from the Resort Nursing Home where she was staying contacted him to let him know.   “Not only did I find out that she passed away, but she passed two and a half months ago,” said Garmon.

In fact, Garmon claims staffers told him on several occasions that his 86-year-old mother, who was suffering from kidney failure, was either getting treatment at the nursing home or at Peninsula Hospital. He says he found out only this week that she had died.

“I’m thinking that she’s at the nursing home,” he said. “I know they’re going to call me, because if they contacted me for an authorization for an operation, they’ll contact me if it happens, so we didn’t know nothing until I called to say I wanted to go and visit her.”

Garmon says when he tried to get to the bottom of what happened, both the hospital and the nursing home began pointing fingers at each other.

“After experiencing what he did, my client wants to make sure no one else will experience what he did and very often that cannot be accomplished unless some appropriate action, some formal action is taken,” said his attorney Everett Hopkins.

Garmon says he also wants to retrieve his mother’s body from a cemetery for unclaimed remains, and give her a proper goodbye.