Not Just Nursing Homes

Covid has not just devastated nursing homes but also assisted living centers. Over the past month, COVID-19 hit one assisted living facility in North Carolina really bad. According to data, the facility had at least 111 confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Residents and employees at Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation in Gastonia suffered this past month. At least, 10 people died so far.

The facility’s website is currently reporting 44 active cases of COVID-19.  That death toll is very high. Only 10 other assisted living facilities statewide are higher. SavaSeniorCare owns and operates the facility. It is a national chain of long-term care facilities. Sava owns and operates nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Gaston County Public Health Director Steve Eaton said that cases and deaths at the Sava facility reflect an ongoing outbreak. We hope they can turn it around and protect the health and safety of the residents.

SavaSeniorCare Consulting is Brian Center’s management company. Last month, Sava officials described heightened precautions, including protective equipment, staff screening every shift, and prohibiting visitation to the center. Sava should have implemented these standard interventions  in March.

“We’ve started to see the positive impacts of mitigation efforts that the community is taking seriously, wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing,” Eaton said

“The efforts are working,” he continued, ” and it has started to level off. We’re still at a high percentage, 11.9% and we want to get back down below 5%, but we’re showing signs of heading in the right direction.”

Eaton said the facility has tested each of its employees and clients and said the majority of positive cases were asymptomatic and have recovered.