No Country for Old People

From Consumer Voice:

In No Country for Old People, a documentary, a filmmaker chronicles the last 6 months of her mother’s life in a five-star nursing home and discovers the system designed to protect our most vulnerable is actually a complex and opaque system that puts profit over people. Through interviews with dozens of experts, No Country for Old People shows how health care decisions are governed by financial considerations to the detriment of nursing home residents.

In this session at the Consumer Voice Conference, we will explore the power of storytelling to advocate for change in the face of a powerful lobby seeking to maintain the status quo.  No Country for Old People is a new way to advocate – it is a film that uses storytelling to educate the public about the long-term care business model that puts profit over people, shows the consequences on residents, and activates the public to demand change.  Educating and motivating through storytelling is a powerful and effective way to shift the collective consciousness and empower the public to demand that the system be changed to provide quality long-term care. Learn more about No Country for Old People at