New York Staffing

New York passed a law increasing staffing at nursing homes.  Nursing home owners and operators oppose minimum safe staffing at nursing homes. The law will require direct caregivers to spend at least 4.175 hours per patient per day (HPPD). The allocation is Certified Nurse’s aide, 2.8 hours; Licensed practical nurse, 1.3 hours; and Registered nurse, .75 hours.

Studies prove that facilities need 4.1 HPPD to keep residents safe. 4.1 is the minimum threshold necessary to provide the clinical needs of residents.

Support for minimum or safe staffing requirements increased recently after evidence showed short-staffed facilities had 2/3 of COVID-19 deaths. Increased RN staffing hours correlate to better quality outcomes. Makes sense, right?

AARP’s Beth Finkel told Capital Tonight:

“Much more is needed to better protect our seniors residing in nursing homes to ensure they receive the best care possible.”