Neglected in Florida

NBC24 reported the horrific treatment of Kathy Hinkle at Destin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center nursing home. The Florida Agency of Health Care Administration (AHCA) filed an emergency order of suspension against the facility.

WEAR obtained a copy of the 17-page document, highlighting similar allegations about the lack of care for residents at the home. The residents were at “immediate risk” due to the continual short-staffing of nurses and certified nursing assistants.

Her daughter, Jamie Hinkle, wants answers. Her mother was neglected while a resident at the facility. She feels the facility’s lack of care contributed to her mother’s death. Her mother spent a little more than a year at the facility.

“She was expected to feed herself a sandwich when she had two teeth and couldn’t swallow or chew,” Hinkle said. “She smelt like urine, and I have no idea how long she smelt like that.”
No one should be treated this way. Ridiculous. If they do not have the staff then don’t take in the residents.