Neglect trial in Texas this week

The children of 94-year-old Alice Limbrick claim their mother’s legs had to be amputated  because of negligent care during her stay at the Green Acres Parkdale nursing home.

The trial of Roy Limbrick vs. Mariner Health Care Inc. (Green Acres) began Jan. 23.  The defense will attempt to convince the jury that the amputating Alice Limbrick’s legs had to be taken because of Alice’s medical conditions and old age.

Alice Limbrick was admitted to Green Acres for long-term care with multiple health problems.  During her residency, Alice fell fracturing her left hip.

The plaintiffs say Limbrick was admitted to the hospital as a result of the preventable fall where she developed pressure ulcers (bed sores) and eight blisters on both heels and left leg. She was in stable condition and was discharged back to Green Acres.

A week later, she was readmitted to the hospital with gangrene on both heels.   The decubitus ulcers to her heels and left leg continued to deteriorate.  Limbrick’s legs were amputated below her knees.

In the suit, the plaintiffs allege that Green Acres’ nurses were negligent in the following ways:

Failing to properly monitor, treat and care for the decubitus ulcers, which progressed and worsened while Alice was a resident;

Failing to properly assess Alice’s risk level in the progression of pressure ulcers;

Failing to prevent the progression of Alice’s decubitus ulcers;

And by failing to prevent infection in Alice’s decubitus ulcers.