Momentum is building to end forced arbitration!

 A hearing was held April 2 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Republican majority called for the hearing, representing an important step in demonstrating to the American public the ubiquity of forced arbitration clauses.

The victims who attended represent those who are discriminated against for taking leave of employment to serve in the U.S. Reserve Forces; sexually assaulted at work; small business owners trying to dispute charges with financial service corporations; or defrauded by for-profit student universities, among others.

Below, you’ll find a short compilation of remarks from Senators Graham (SC); Booker (NJ); Ernst (IA); Durbin (IL); and Klobuchar (MN); plus, remarks from Navy Reservist Kevin Ziober and Professor Myriam Gilles (Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law).

The legislation to end forced arbitration, called the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act, has been introduced in each chamber of Congress. Currently, there are 177 House cosponsors and 35 Senate cosponsors.  Please use this link to email your member of Congress to support the FAIR Act. I encourage you to also watch and share the forced arbitration video, which is posted on the AAJ Facebook page,