Medpage Today reported that a dangerous psychopath named Scott Miller provided false and fatal information about COVID treatments to misinformed patients. Miller is a physician assistant who owns and operates Miller Family Pediatrics. Dozens of COVID-19-related complaints were filed against him. Luckily, the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) suspended Miller’s license.

The WMC found that Miller had disrupted the relationship between hospital providers and their patients. Miller harassed hospital staff. He misled patients about the efficacy of non-FDA-approved treatments and directing them against safe standard of care treatments.

At first, Miller just opposed in-school mask mandates. Now, WMC accuses him of improperly interfering with the treatment of his COVID-positive patients. According to the state health department, Miller prescribed ivermectin to treat COVID. Then, his patient died.

According to the charges, the patient “declined intubation against medical advice and left the hospital against medical advice, but in accordance with [Miller’s] advice to pursue treatment with ivermectin.” After Miller allegedly wrote this patient an ivermectin prescription under the guise of head lice treatment, the patient died. The WMC also found that Miller treated another COVID patient with ivermectin, and this patient passed away as well.

WMC also caught Miller lying on his state licensing application by failing to disclose a previous investigation by the California Physician Assistant Board. According to a report from the Camas-Washougal Post-Recordthe board cited Miller for providing medical care and prescribing controlled substances without physician supervision or approval, for writing prescriptions without conducting physical examinations, and for not properly maintaining patient medical records.

John King of CNN announced he had multiple sclerosis. He then thanked his colleagues for getting vaccinated. Neil Cavuto, a Fox News anchor who is immunocompromised, tested positive for COVID.