Medication Theft

Another nursing home employee was caught stealing medications from residents. This happens way too often. As a nursing home attorney, we often see the diversion of resident medications for personal use or profit. It is sickening.

WREG reported that Memphis Police arrested registered nurse Anthony Littlejohn for stealing pills from the nursing home. The Ave Maria Home nursing home employee is now facing more than 30 drug charges.

Detectives asked Littlejohn for consent to search his vehicle after an anonymous complaint. Littlejohn signed the consent form. Detectives searched the vehicle and found many drugs inside, including oxycodone, diazepam, hydrocodone, alprazolam, morphine, lorazepam and codeine.

Police found $956 on his person. Detectives speculate the money came from illegal drug sales. Memphis Police say Littlejohn admitted to stealing the pills from Allen Morgan Health and Rehabilitation Center. He worked there too.

Littlejohn also reportedly admitted to selling the pills for money and using his vehicle to transport drugs around the city.

Greed or addiction?  Why didn’t the facility administrators discover the missing medications?