Lawless Vigilantes

Many defenders of  17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse call him a member of the “militia” or a “minuteman.” Recently NBC News had a great article explaining the legal differences between a lawful militia and lawless vigilantes. The article explains why Rittenhouse is an armed thug and not a patriotic minuteman. Now this patriotic terminology is found online to rationalize criminal behavior.

These lawless vigilantes are not patriots.  Boogaloo Bois, Three Percenter, Proud Boys, Prayer Patriots and other white supremacist paramilitary groups are not legal militias.  These groups believe the U.S. Constitution deputized them to form paramilitaries. They are incorrect. They are criminals inciting violence.

A militia operates under the authority of the president or a governor; if it doesn’t, it’s just an armed mob. They infect peaceful protests with a greater potential for violence.

“So, does being part of an unorganized militia give you and your buddies the right to sling AR-15s across your chest, don cammies and patrol the streets…? No, because a militia is not an armed gang; it operates under orders from a legal authority that a self-governed group does not.”

“We need to step back from this militia nonsense. These private paramilitaries are illegal and should be treated as such by the authorities.”

Alt-right - Wikipedia

Trump says he is the “Law and Order” president but he does nothing to stop the violence from his supporters and other white supremacists. We need safety and security.